External data privacy officer

Data Privacy Services for Small and Midsize Businesses in Germany

Does your company need a data privacy officer?

In principle, a company has to appoint an internal or external data privacy officer to assure the compliance with data privacy regulations in Germany if more than nine employees can access personal data (i.e., personal data of employees and/or customers) by computer.

External data privacy officer

Most companies prefer to appoint an external data privacy officer in terms of liability, qualification, employee participation, termination and costs (the latter especially because of the continuous further training of the internal data privacy officer required by the German data privacy provisions).

Get external advice: At the beginning we analyze your data privacy status in a data privacy assessment and provide further assistance with an external data privacy officer.

Internal data privacy officer: continuous further training

We have developed an interactive and web-based video seminar for internal data privacy officers to assure the continuous further training of internal data privacy officers as required by German data privacy provisions.

What are the costs for an external data privacy officer?

The monthly costs for an external data privacy officer depend on the size and the industry sector of your company. Just contact us and we are happy to submit an offer tailored to your particular needs.

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External data privacy officer

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